Dance sport


Skutans Dance School whole year around admit pupils in the beginners group with and without background knowledge starting from 4-5 years of age.

Kids are taught about posture and rhythmic basics. At first pupils learn 4 dances: Slow waltz, Quickstep, Cha cha cha, Jive.


BEGINNERS without background knowledge


During private lessons couples leaarn dance compositions, with which kids can take part in the competitions.


Pupils of beginners groups can participate in the competitions from 4 years of age.


While working with beginners, teachers of Skutans Dance School strictly follow LSDF (Latvian Dance Sport Federation) competition regulations and figure restrictions according to each age group and qualification class.


You can learn more about lesson schedule in the section "Lessons".



In this group works couples, who reached  "E4", "E6", "D" class levels. For pupils in this group lessons goes on 4-5 times a week (big hall).


You can learn more about lesson schedule in the section "Lessons".



In this group works the most experienced dance schools couples, who reached at least "C" class and perform open dance steps variations.

For pupils in the lessons goes on 6 times a week (big hall).


You can learn more about lesson schedule in the section "Lessons".


Dance courses for adults

At Skutans Dance School dance skills are invited to learn not only kids and adults, who trains with an aim to take part in the competitions, but also those, who just wants to learn dance basics, get information about classic and latin dance basics, its' rhythm and dancing in a couple. Also welcome to learn life's most important dance – wedding waltz!


Dancing is also a great alternative to spend the darkest months of the year together with friends or partner in a happy mood. Dancing helps to relax from everyday tension, provides pleasant emotions, raises self confidence, improve a posture and grace.


To learn dance skills productively, we advise to attend one private lesson per week. So gradually and productively dance steps and partnering skills will be learned, as well as sense of trythm and other for dancing necessary skills developed. You will certainly be delighted about the work done!